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What is Ukulele?

Ukulele translated into Chinese is often called ukulele, or ukulele. Similar to the common guitar principle, it is more compact and portable than the guitar, and the difficulty of entry is even lower. The children can learn and the sound is small and fresh. It is a good product for young artists and pseudo-literature youths.

It ended the week's work weekends to feel the charm of music to relax their own

dull lives to learn a musical instrument get yourself a little happy about the friends together and play ~

ukulele (Ukulele), the most simple plucked string instrument, From Hawaii to the country, you can learn musical instruments without music talents. It is easy to learn, and you can learn to play and sing in two hours. After the course there will be a mini concert. If you want to sing, you can brave and sing. There are teachers to help accompany.

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What is the Kazoo ?

This little thing does not need to learn, or it will be a school. It is a sound produced by vocal humming. It is amplified by the sound of its own diaphragm and resonance tube. It can produce a hoarse sound, somewhat similar to a saxophone. As long as the performer can sing and sing, he can perform with KAZOO and master the playing skills quickly.
This little guy can make you not have to learn music, do not have to back up, do not even have to practice, can play your dream tune in a minute. In addition to drinking, you can enjoy it from your pocket at any time. It's a simple 10-hole harmonica. It is a guest instrument played by many foreign musicians and singers. 
The kazoo's structure is extremely simple, the film can be changed (take care not to break the plug when changing, replace the film to fix the plug, cling film, film can be replaced), big, small, playing time The big head is contained in the mouth, not blowing like a harmonica, but using your voice to tune, the vibr…